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If you need urgent Texas legal advice dealing with family law (divorce, child custody, child support, etc.), get an attorney on the phone to assist you now.  Either use the click-to-call button below, or call 1-866-999-7348. Our attorneys can help reduce your stress and you only pay for the time you need.  The cost is 99 cents per minute.  If you have a follow up question or concern, just call us back.  We are waiting to serve you.

How We Help

Often Texas citizens call our Legal Hotline and ask a lawyer about these top-ten issues:

  1.  How to properly fill out Court documents and Pro Se Forms (for example: Original Petitions, Waivers, Counterpetitions, Final Orders, Divorce Decrees, Inventory and Appraisements and/or Child Support Orders);

  2.   Have questions about child possession and visitation issues;

  3.   Calculate child support or spousal support;

  4.   Discuss which Court to file a case in;

  5.   Discuss Court procedures and deadlines if you have been served with Court documents;

  6.   Discuss property division procedures;

  7.   Discuss how to file for Discovery and how to respond;

  8.   Discuss your options after Child Protective Services takes your children;

  9.   Discuss your options as to spouse refusing you to see your child; and

  10.   How to testify or present their matter to the Judge.

However, our services are not limited to just these topics so long as it is a Texas family law or divorce matter we can help you.

About Our Services

At Anderson Legal Group, we understand that Texas legal advice and legal services are expensive. Lawyers typically bundle their services and offer them only after a substantial retainer is paid. Some clients cannot obtain a lawyer because of the expense. Other clients feel that they do not need a full-service level of engagement and instead want to perform most of the work by representing themselves.

Our law firm is different. We assist people that the rest of the legal profession ignores. We will explain the process, answer your specific legal questions, and you will only pay for the amount of legal services you use! Call our Lawyer Line at 1-866-999-7348 so that we can help you.


 The Process

When you authorize payment, you agree that the scope of our legal representation shall be limited to the immediate telephone consultation at a rate of 99 cents per minute. During your consultation, we will identify the type of case you have, the key issues, and the options you may have under law. The attorney will discuss all other aspects related to your legal issues and shall provide answers to your legal questions.

Since our Lawyer Line Legal Hotline is a telephone-based service, we will not be appearing with you in court, and we will not be drafting any documents for you. However, people often ask questions about what forms mean and how they apply to a specific set of facts. Our attorney-client relationship shall not extend beyond the telephone consultation unless we both agree and that new agreement shall be evidenced by a new written Contract.  All communications you have with us during this telephone call are protected by the attorney-client privilege–and shall be confidential.


Service Terms

Upon your acceptance to these terms, you will speak directly with a licensed Texas attorney and you will only be charged for the time you speak directly with the Texas attorney.  Once your discussion with the attorney begins, you will be charged 99 cents per minute for the legal advice answering your questions.

We are privileged to have this opportunity to serve you. We appreciate your trust and confidence, as well as your business. By entering your payment information you approve of this agreement and understand the representation limitations.



Serving the urgent legal needs for Texans.  We provide family law, child custody, property division and divorce legal advice for Texans all across Texas and in the cities of Abilene, Amarillo, Austin, Big Spring, DFW, Abilene, El Paso, Houston, Midland, Odessa, Lubbock, San Angelo, Marfa and San Antonio.